Am I eligible for a student loan from the British government?  

  • No, I am not. 
  • Due to Brexit, new students from mainland Europe are no longer eligible for a British government loan. Students who started their course in the academic year 2020/2021 or earlier, can still ask for a loan.

Can I fund my studies from Slovak loans?

  • Slovak student loans are usually offered in a maximum amount of approximately 10,000 EUR. Money from these loans could cover only a part of my expenses.  I thus plan to apply for these loans only in the last year of my studies.
  • If I had a mortgage, I could borrow significantly more money. However, my family does not possess any real estate that could be mortgaged. 
  • Fond na podporu vzdelávania (a Slovak foundation supporting education) offers loans in the maximal amount of about 4000 EUR a year. However, to be eligible for this loan, I first need to start my studies at Oxford University. I plan to request this loan as soon as I am able to do so.

What scholarships does Oxford offer to Slovak students?

  • On the official webpage of Oxford University, there is a detailed list of all scholarships Oxford offers. However, as a Slovak, I am eligible for only one scholarship (Palgrave Brown Scholarship).  I submitted an application for this scholarship. However, I cannot rely on it because it is very competitive.  Besides, this scholarship covers only living costs and not tuition fees.

Till when do I need to have the money for my first year at Oxford?

  • Oxford will send me a financial declaration.  In this document, I will need to prove that I have enough money to complete the first year of my education. Oxford is still processing some of my data. They notified me that I would receive the declaration later.  I assume that once I receive the financial declaration form, I will need to fill it in and send it back before the end of May or June. 

What sources will I use to pay for my second, third and fourth year in Oxford?

  • Private loans (between 25 000 and 45 000 €)- almost certain ;
  • A loan from Fond na podporu vzdelávania (about 4000 € every year) - almost certain;
  • Grants from Tatrabanka and Slovnaft (together 10 000 €) - uncertain;
  • Summer jobs and internships - fairly certain;
  • Master's Oxford Scholarships (fourth year ) or Hardship scholarships - very uncertain
  • Crowdfunding (My fundraiser will remain active during all four years of my studies at Oxford University.).
If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.