"To be able to help others I first need to get help myself."

How much do studies at Oxford cost?

How do I plan to fund my studies?

* Oxford students aren't allowed to work during the academic year. **Palgrave Brown Scholarship is very competitive and I might not get it.
* Oxford students aren't allowed to work during the academic year. **Palgrave Brown Scholarship is very competitive and I might not get it.

How much money do I need?

As I cannot rely on the scholarship from Oxford, I still need £33,990 (40,200 €) to start my first academic year. I need to document that I have this money by the end of May. 

As of April the 8th, I have collected all the money I need to study in Oxford for an entire year!! I feel grateful beyond words. 

Now I am continuing with fundraising for my second, third and fourth year at Oxford University. 

How can you help?

  1. If you are not from Slovakia, donate to my GoFundMe fundraiser.
  2. If you are from Slovakia, you can donate also to my PayPal fundraiser or transparent bank account:  SK96 0900 0000 0051 7710 8562          
  3. Share the link to my website on LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networks.
  4. Tell about me your friends and family

Thank You very much for Your help.

What other possibilities for funding my future do I have?

In Slovakia

The Slovak government does not officially provide any financial support to people studying abroad. I wrote to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, I contacted the British Embassy and all Slovak Members of The European Parliament. Besides, I reached out to the British Council. I received many encouraging replies. However, no one could tell me about any state grant I could apply for.

Still, I intend to apply for a grant from two private companies - Tatrabanka and Slovnaft (5000 + 5000 € ). I will also take on a student loan from Fond na podporu vzdelávania (approximately 4000 € a year). This money could buy me one half-year of Oxford education. 

In The United Kingdom

Palgrave Brown Scholarship is the only scholarship Oxford offers to students from central Europe. Although this scholarship is very generous £12 533 (14 496 €), it was created to cover only living costs. Besides, many students apply for this scholarship. 

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I wasn't awarded the Palgrave Brown Scholarship, which means that I need to rely on funding from Slovakia.

Why is Oxford so expensive?

In June 2020, The British government announced that, due to BREXIT, tuition fees for new European students starting in the 2021/22 academic year will radically increase. In addition, European students are no longer eligible for student loans from the British government.